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Terms &Conditions

• By hiring our birthing pool kits you agree to our following terms and conditions.

• You will receive two copies of the contract from East Yorkshire Birthing Pools. Please review and if correct sign a copy and send to East Yorkshire Birthing Pools at 39 Southwood Road Cottingham HU16 5AJ. East Yorkshire Birthing Pools will not be held liable for any future charges should you sign and return a contract with incorrect details.

• Upon receipt of your booking form a contract will be formed between the booking signatory and East Yorkshire Birthing Pools which cannot be transferred. This contract will guarantee your booking once signed by both parties and returned to East Yorkshire Birthing Pools accompanied by your deposit.

• On receipt of your completed booking form and deposit you will be emailed a Booking Confirmation which will specify your hire period of up to 5 weeks*

• *We ask that collection/return of your kit is arranged within 3 days of giving birth for hygiene reasons and to enable us to prepare the pool for the next client.

• The hire period runs from 37 weeks in your pregnancy until 42 weeks of pregnancy. This is the standard period of time a water birth is ‘allowed’ throughout the UK. If you go beyond 42 weeks in your pregnancy and you are lucky enough to live in area that allows you to continue with a homebirth we will extend your hire period free of charge but only if you give us a call to inform us of your situation.

• No refund will be given for early return of the kit or kits returned unused.


• A deposit of £50 is asked for at the time of booking, with the balance to be paid in full on delivery/collection of the pool.

• You will be contacted by phone at around 36 weeks in your pregnancy to make sure that everything is going well and to arrange delivery/pick up of the pool.

If you need/ want to cancel 28 days or more before the arranged delivery date of the pool you will receive £40 of your deposit back, unfortunately if the cancellation occurs within 28 days prior to the delivery date of the pool deposits are non refundable.


• A damage retainer fee is required to ensure the pool is returned to us clean and in good working order. The fee for the birthing pool kit will be £100, however this is not the maximum amount for which you will be liable for in respect of costs of repairs or replacement if damage to the pool and equipment occurs whilst on hire to you.

• The damage retainer fee will be payable by cheque to V S Stones, this will be held and returned to you subject to our terms & conditions.

• The damage retainer fee will be returned to you once the pool and equipment has been returned to and inspected by East Yorkshire Birthing Pools will endeavour to return your cheque within five working days.

• If the pool or any equipment is found to be damaged we will deduct this from the damage retainer fee. If the damage retainer fee does not cover the cost of repair or replacement we will contact you to agree compensation.


• Upon receipt of the birthing pool you must read and follow instructions and guidelines supplied to you. If anything is unclear or you have any questions regarding these items please contact East Yorkshire Birthing Pools immediately before use.

• It is your responsibility to get professional advice and reports from a structural engineer to confirm the area where the pool and equipment is to be installed is suitable and in a sufficient condition to do so.

• It is your responsibility to ensure your water birth is attended by experienced medical professionals.

• It is your responsibility to obtain advice from your midwife or General Practitioner before using the pool or any of the equipment provided by East Yorkshire Birthing Pools.

• You must package items in accordance with the instructions supplied to you in order to avoid damage whilst in transit.

• You do not need to sterilise the equipment but you must return equipment in a clean state.


• To abide by these Terms and Conditions and provide you with a professional service.

• To provide you with sterilised equipment.


• East Yorkshire Birthing Pools will not be held liable or responsible for any negligent use, misuse, failure to follow instructions or guidelines to any equipment supplied to you as part of the hire agreement. East Yorkshire Birthing Pools will not accept liability for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or any claims for compensation which may arise from hiring one of pools or equipment to you or your property.

• East Yorkshire Birthing Pools reserve the right to amend change and cancel the contract or the Terms and Conditions with you at any time and agree to return any monies owed to you in full if necessary.

• Any property belonging to East Yorkshire Birthing Pools which is not returned or paid for as agreed will be treated as theft and reported to the Police. Legal proceedings will be started to recover the items or monies to cover the cost of replacement. You will be liable for all costs incurred in the process.

• Under the Data Protection Act 1998, East Yorkshire Birthing Pools have a duty to protect your details by law. Your details will be held on file for business purposes. East Yorkshire Birthing Pools will use your details for the purposes of the hire only.

• Our aim is to ensure you receive a great, reliable, professional service but in the unlikely event of any misunderstanding please contact us on 01482 845952 or write to East Yorkshire Birthing Pools, 39 Southwood Road Cottingham, East Yorkshire HU16 5AJ or email us at sandra.stones@hotmail.co.uk



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