How is Hypnobirthing  different to other hypnosis for childbirth courses?

  • It is the original programme and has been tried, tested and evolved over a number of years.

  • It is more than just relaxation for birth using hypnosis.

  • It is an in depth course covering everything you need to know to keep you healthy and informed in your pregnancy

Some of the things you will learn:

  •  How your diet can reduce/raise the risk of pre eclampsia.

  • Techniques to help your baby move into the optimum position for birth.

  • Breathing techniques that work with your body instead of against it.

  • The anatomy of birth to help you understand what is happening to you during each stage of your labour.

  • How to avoid baby been in a breech position.

  • How to prepare for a VBAC.(vaginal birth after caesarean)

  • Post partum care information.

For a full list of benefits, see the section on my web site

Why is it more expensive then other classes?

The cost of the course reflects the content. It is a full 12 hours long, any shorter time would not be adequate to enable you to gain all the knowledge and practise the techniques. The time flies by and clients are often very sad when the course finishes as they find it so enjoyable. I believe that every couple deserve the best and that is why my classes are small and intimate, giving each couple personalised care that is tailored to their needs. Large groups cannot possibly offer the same level of support which reflects in the results and client satisfaction.

Why not just take a NHS class?

Some of my parents do take the NHS classes, but the feedback I get is that they learn so much more from my classes and that the extra knowledge they gain empowers them to take control of their birth. This is evident from the number of first time mums who decide to home birth.

Why should I choose to take your course?

One of the most important differences with Hypnobirthing  is the lack of focusing on pain, other classes teach you how to cope with pain Hypnobirthing knows that with the correct relaxation methods the body can birth in a comfortable way, with little discomfort.

Hypnobirthing is recommended by midwives, who have observed first hand the calm comfortable way that mums have birthed their babies.

Babies born in a calm way have a higher Apgar score, and feed and sleep well. Plus mums have a quicker post partum recovery. If you feel you and your baby are worth the best birth possible, you are in the right place.

I also offer continuous support up to and beyond your birth. I have regular baby meets and have an ever growing Hypnobirthing family, who all enjoy meeting each other to share the joy of their births and their growing babies.

The highest recommendation for any course is word of mouth. All my mums and dads are happy to talk to prospective clients either on the phone or over a coffee.

The National average cost of a Hypnobirthing course is £350 my course is currently £190 which is amazing value for everything you receive. As I want my course to be accessible to all, if you have difficulty with finance please let me know so we can come to some arrangement to enable you to take the course.



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